Amr Sheta
Doctor of Ophthalmology
Cornea, cataract and refractive surgery consultant
Amr Sheta

Doctor of Ophthalmology


Amr Sheta

PhD in Ophthalmology
      • Cornea surgery consultant Cataract and repair of vision defects
      • Eyelid surgery consultant
      • Lecturer at the College of Military Medicine
      • Member of the Military Medical Academy
      • Member of the American Society of Surgeons Cataract and repair of visual defects
      • Member of the European Society of Surgery Cataract and repair of visual defects
      • Member of the Egyptian Ophthalmic Society

our mission

Providing a comprehensive and effective service in all areas of eye care using the latest methods and advanced equipment

our vision

Obtaining a prestigious position as one of the leading eye care providers in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa

Our strategy

Dr. Amr puts patients on top of his priorities, Through the subspecialty team, superior quality, accuracy, professionalism, commitment, And a high margin of safety

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Ophthalmology is such a sensitive field that you cannot choose randomly. It requires the utmost sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency that you can find with Dr. Amr Sheta, who has performed thousands of laser vision correction surgeries, cataract surgeries, and eyelid surgery.



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Vision correction by femtosecond

Surface LASIK

Retina treatment

IVI injection of a therapeutic substance
Argon Laser is a retinal laser

Cataract operations

Implantation of monofocal lenses
EDOF Implant lenses
Implantation of multifocal lenses

Eyelid surgery

Looseness and deformities of the eyelids
Filler and Botox injections

Keratoconus treatment

Fixation of corneal tissue
Cultivation of rings Vimto
Implantation of refractive lenses
Corneal transplant


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